What You Need to Know About the Gray Flooring Trend


Gray flooring is the industry’s fastest growing trend. Find out below what you need to know about the trend, what it looks like and how to care for it.

What is the Gray Flooring Trend?

Gray wood flooring becomes gray through a staining process.  There are different types of gray flooring, some are a mix of dark and light gray, while others are gray-brown or grayish white. Gray floors are considered a modern update since it’s a trendy choice right now. If you are interested in gray flooring and you already have wood floors, you can stain your current wood flooring gray. If you’re looking for wood flooring in general and you want something functional and avant-garde, contact a flooring consultant to see in-person samples.

Dark Gray Hardwood Floors

Dark gray is a gorgeous option for flooring. If you have white furniture, the contrast will bring attention to every detail in the dark-colored floor. For the kitchen, dark gray wood looks great with white marble countertops and gray stainless steel accents.

Light Gray Hardwood Floors

Light gray flooring will give your home a fun and carefree feeling. Because light gray colors will hide dirt and add more space, this may be a good option for children or pets. With light gray flooring, your furnishings can be darker to add variation. Dark brown and mahogany-colored furniture makes also an appealing contrast.

Gray Variations

Depending on the type of wood you are using, you may see colors other than gray reveal themselves once the floor is stained. It’s not uncommon to see gray wood with little speckles of browns, blacks or whites. You can also play up these colors with rugs that can bring out the speckles in the flooring. Invest in neutral colored furniture that will bring the whole look together.

Gray Flooring Pros

Because gray flooring is such a sought-after trend, it can quickly add value to your home. If you are in the business of home improvement, flipping homes, or renting, gray flooring is one reason you can increase the price tag on the property.

Because many color palettes include gray, it’s easy to find furniture that will accent or blend with your flooring. Nothing is off limits with a well-planned palette. You can add-in purple, yellows, or even shades of pink in your kitchen and throughout your home as accent colors.

Gray Flooring Cons

Gray finishing can be more expensive than other finishes. The darker gray you go, the more it may cost. Gray wood floors depend on skilled professional to treat the wood as many times as it takes to reach your desired color. Your consultant should be able to tell you what shades of gray will work best for your budget.

If you’re thinking about adding gray flooring to home, hopefully, you’ll find the pros outweigh the cons. If you are exploring functional and unique flooring options, this gray wood flooring is something you’ll want to consider.