Water Damage Leads & Marketing Strategies To Get You Leads In 2018

Water Damage Leads

The water damage restoration services industry is a ruthlessly competitive one. Contractors want more and more leads every day, but water damage lead generation is not that easy. There are many ways to get more water damage leads, but not all methods are as effective as one another. You need an effective water damage restoration marketing campaign because once you establish your business with smart marketing tactics, water damage marketing leads will be coming in consistently.

Some proven marketing techniques for water damage restoration services are:


Water damage lead generation can be increased by using search engine optimization. SEO includes targeting keywords to push them onto the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This will help you get leads when people search for local water damage companies. Contractor marketing experts manage it all on your behalf and get more and more water damage marketing leads for your business.

Pay-per-click marketing

PPC is also an efficient way to get water damage leads because it helps to position your website on the top of various search engine results. For this, you need to use Google Adwords that are relevant to your water damage business. Contractor marketing experts set up, manage, monitor and optimize your water damage restoration marketing campaigns.

Use of images to reflect quality of your service

Images and logos play a shockingly dominant role for your water damage restoration services. Using a memorable, attractive and colorful image for your website will help you in creating an effective content strategy and a brand name, thus improving your chances of turning visitors into leads. Contractor marketing experts will help you include those images and logos in the right spots.

Adopting a sensible local search strategy

The website for your water damage restoration services is the only link between you and your client. So, in order to get water damage marketing leads, your online presence needs to be strong. For effective water damage restoration marketing, you need to develop a strong website that gives information about your business and your services. You also need to stay connected with your customers via emails and social media. Contractor marketing experts can create a website for you, come up with email marketing strategies, and handle your social media pages.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliates are companies or individuals separate from the lead generation service you hire that go out and generate leads using various traffic sources. The lead generation company then buys leads from their affiliates and resells them to their clients. There are some companies that generate a large portion of their leads from affiliates and some that don’t use them at all. Even though having a bunch of affiliates may create a higher volume of junk calls, your lead generation company will usually not bill you, and having access to many affiliates could mean that you will be getting the leads off of a source that your competitors may not be using.