Top 5 Commercial Roof Issues To Avoid

Oklahoma City,OK, June 22,2010--A roofer repairs a roof that was damaged by tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma in early May 2010. FEMA is working with local, state, private and federal agencies and businesses to help individuals and business with their recovery. Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMA

A commercial roof is a complicated element that is a key part of your building envelope (the protective shell on your building). Over the past 30+ years we have discovered the Top 5 Commercial Roof Issues that you should avoid:

–  Excessive Traffic on the Roof Surface

The first common issue is to ignore excessive traffic. Depending on the roof type, the membrane (waterproof layer) may be the uppermost portion of the roof, and if you have a lot of foot-traffic on this membrane it can be worn-through or even punctured if something falls on it. This can lead to costly leaks very quickly.

–  Not clearing snow / ice

The second common issue is to ignore ice buildup around drains. This can lead to extreme ponding and massive leaks. As you know, a Canadian Winter is a challenging environment for any commercial roof. Nothing is as critical as clearing snow and ice from your roof, especially around the roof drains. If too much snow is present on your roof, it can stress the structure of your building and even split the membrane wide open.

–  Incompetent roofers

Thirdly, a common issue is to use an incompetent roofer. Due to the complexity of roofing systems, your commercial roof is not the place to experiment, especially with so much at stake inside the building. So-called ‘repair products’ from a local hardware store paired with an incomplete application will make for a very temporary result. UV rays and temperature fluctuations will quickly break down poor patch-work and leave the problem area open to the next storm.

–  Not Performing Maintenance

Another common issue is to not perform any maintenance at all, leaving you in a position that voids your warranty and shortens the roof’s lifespan. In fact, the single biggest factor to increasing roof-life is to have a scheduled maintenance plan with a competent roofing company. This ensures you keep your warranty and maximizes the return-on-investment of your roof.

–  Not Budgeting for Replacement

Finally, a common issue is to neglect budgeting for the cost of a new roof replacement and running the risk of damaging other assets due to a roof that leaks. A commercial roof has a lifespan ranging from 5-25 years, depending on design and maintenance. As you likely know already, a new roof is costly. So finding the money to replace a roof at the last minute is not an easy task.

Bringing it all together, Commercial Roofing

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