Other Types Of Locks You Might No Know About

 There are different types of locks that can be used for a house or business. The sizes and style vary based on what has to be locked, with different types of security factors that are looked at before they are bought. Some are recognizable, others may not be as so because these locks are odd to find in various places. The most common are padlocks, deadbolts, and knob locks; here are the other top locks that are used in various places.

First, there are cam locks,which are mainly seen locking filing cabinets and mailboxes. They are in different sizes and built to be 90-to-180 degrees unlocked and turned open and closed with the help of a key. With rim cylinder locks, they are seen on commercial doors and entry glass doors; they have a long metallic piece from the back of the lock through the door and can turn in to lock in place. Euro profile (DIN) cylinders are used namely along sliding glass doors to divide rooms and come in multiple forms: single, double, and single-hybrid cylinder. Euro profile cylinders are connected with just a single screw that goes through the middle of the cylinder.

Interchangeable Core (IC) Cylinders are used primarily in bigger businesses because of their easy use to change the lock by changing the center without taking the lock apart. IC Locks have two types of keys, the standard operating key, and the control key, which pulls the entire center out of the lock. This helps when it comes to upgrading locks since it doesn’t do much damage to the door. There are different IC locks, most notably the Small and Large Format Interchangeable Core. With T-Handle locks, or vending locks because they are found on vending machines, are similar to the IC cylinder because they are easy to open and shut.

With furniture locks, they are especially built to lock cabinets, desks, and sliding doors, either by bolt or push button. Again, get the right key to do it. A funny looking lock called the Jimmy Proof is a surface lock on older apartment and double doors and have minimal door modifications necessary. They are unique with its jamb bracket which prevents the lock from being easily removed from the outside. Jimmy proof lock screws on the inside of the door with just one hole drilled straight through the door to have the rim cylinder. A more modern version of this without the largeness of the bolts is the rim latch.

Locks, locks, locks, what’s in a lock and why are we talking about locks? There are different types of locks besides the ones we see the most at home and we don’t even think about how they work because we are accustomed to the digital security system. But physical locks are massively important and still in use and these types are made for different places and uses.

Sometimes you might be able to install locks yourself. But most times you will want to locate a professional locksmith service to assist you. They will be able to get your locks installed nice and quick.