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Have you noticed a little (or large) drip in your metallic roof? Or possibly you’ve noticed some rust harm, and are worried the structural integrity of your roofing may be jeopardized. Professionals at Homes are prepared and equipped to take care of your metal roofing repairs, and we’ve more than years’ experience to take care of:

Copper standing up seam metal
Standing up seam metal
Ribbed -panel metal
Stone coated metallic shingles

Your metal roofing is not only the first type of protection against the sometimes harsh Michigan climate, but also a gorgeous facet of your home. Like any other structure, sometimes it needs a little love and attention. The professionals at Homes are glad to provide you with any metal roof repair service you may need. We take great care in our work, and our goal is to bring our consumers the absolute best we can provide. For near twenty years we have provided exceptional service to the Canton areas and the kind words of our previous customers back up our claims!

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Metal roofing carries some unique symptoms of harm that are thankfully quite simple to identify, so long as you know very well what you’re looking for!

Leakages. A surefire indication that something is incorrect, leakages can be triggered by a variety of issues. Still left alone, a drip will only aggravate, so consider getting this managed by a specialist immediately.

Displaced roofing. Items of your roofing blowing off? You almost certainly don’t need us to let you know that is plainly a bad indication! Blown off elements of your roofing are often triggered by broken or incorrectly installed flashing, and should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Loose seams or gaps in seams. Due to the nature of your metal roof, expanding and contracting according to the seasons can work rivets and screws loose over time. This can cause gaps in the seams of your roof, which can lead to water damage and leaking.

Presence of rust or corrosion. A metal roof that has not been properly maintained, or treated with an anti-rust treatment may develop rust and corrosion. These are very serious problems, and if they are left by itself the can necessitate a complete roof replacement.

Why metallic roofing Canton Michigan is important

We urge you never to avoid caring for your roof when it is in need of repairs. Putting off proper maintenance can lead to much larger issues, including enduring damage, or even forcing you to perform costly roof replacements.

The weather in Canton, Georgia can be rough at times, and having assurance that your roof is ready to handle the worst is important for your security, safety and comfort. Keep up with maintaining your roof to ensure no future concerns or emergencies.


The specialists at homes take great joy in our work, and to us a properly maintained roof is more than simply an element of your home, it is a bit of art. Allow us to work with our top quality skill, knowledge and technology to care for your metal roofing fixes today! Our customers are always held up with every step of the procedure to promote full self-confidence, credibility and integrity. E mail us today, and why don’t we create a working relationship with you that will last as long as your roof!