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Roof Restoration Australia

At Local Roof Restoration, we specialize in roof restoration in Australia. We work on both tiled and metal surfaces, bringing tired roofs back to life. Our licensed roofing professionals utilize the highest quality products in order to produce the best results.

It’s not surprising that roofs begin to age and look worn after enduring the harsh Australian conditions. There’s no reason to stress though, as the damage is not irreparable. Our professional team can extend the life-span of your roof, ensuring it appears completely new and functions flawlessly.

We undertake the next steps to complete a roof restoration in Australia.

Ruthless clean whole roof

To be able to produce the best roof restoration results, we ruthless clean the whole roof. This technique returns the roof to a soft paintable surface, making sure a fantastic finish.

Before we start the cleaning, we make absolutely sure all the downpipes and water tanks are disconnected. That is to avoid drinking water from the clean flooding out elements of the home. We also demand any clothes that are remaining on the cleaning line are used inside, to ensure they don’t get damp.

After the house is prepared, we begin the high-pressure cleaning. We only use professional grade high-pressure cleaners, as inferior models produce a less efficient clean owing to reduced water pressure. Our team quickly and efficiently blasts dirt and debris that has built up over years. You can be assured that with 18 years of experience, we apply the right pressure that leaves your roof spotless, without causing any leaks.

Following the high pressure clean, all areas of the roof are rinsed down and the entire outside of the house is cleaned. We ensure everything is clean and there is no residue remaining before starting the next step.
Ridge capping

We strive to ensure our ridge capping lasts the test of time. While the industry standard of versatile pointing is three to five 5 millimeters thick, we have confidence in just a decade cracks will start showing. Therefore, to ensure durability we apply 20 to 25 millimeters heavy of versatile pointing to all or any in our ridge capping work.

To commence the procedure, we grind away all the old cement comforter sets. We then replace the old bed linen with a brand new bed of mortar, which really is a 3 to at least one 1 combination of fine sand to concrete. We then repoint the mortar using versatile directing, which produces a soft and professional end. Our ridge capping work is covered by a warranty for 10+ years.
Replace broken tiles and flashing

Our team of professionals replaces all broken tiles on your roof. We also check the flashing and replace if necessary. We also check the valley metals to ensure that is in good shape and replace if required.

Anti-fungal treatment

To ensure your roof does not start sprouting mold, apply one coat of Mold Rid. This prevents the growth of mold, which is very important.

Apply primer/sealer

A coat of roof primer is put on the roof surface to seal the roof. The primer prepares the roof for the roof membrane.

Membrane Paint

The ultimate step is to use the roofing membrane paint. we produce exceptional surface finishes with a variety of paints. We satisfaction ourselves ongoing the excess mile to make a superior surface finish. While two jackets of membrane color are usually suggested, we apply another coat to guarantee the very best surface finish.

Paint will come in a variety of colors and surface finishes including temperature reflective. Every one of the Dulux color we use is included in a 15-year guarantee.

If you want a roof restoration in Australia, contact our friendly team to find out more on 1300 36 70 70.