EFynch: Baltimore Maryland Homeowners

Baltimore Maryland Homeowners

Baltimore Maryland Homeowners, Contractors, Handymen and other Pros are gathering- their meeting place is EFynch!

New Homeowners have several resources in finding home advice. The challenge for many however is the lack credible sites with often conflicting information. Some sites claim to connect your with good reviews on local contractors, handymen and pros but when you dig deep down, they are nothing more than a modern glorified phone book. *In fact, these sites which claim to be “trusted” are actually data aggregate sites which only collect your information to resell- they aren’t “bidding sites”.

So as any new homeowner, or any homeowner knows; the key to keeping your house in balance is to find a good resource (or two) and stick with it.  Having a trusted community is like a direct dial to that uncle you had who knew everything about houses and always smelled like sawdust. That is what we all crave, and one site is aiming to do just that!

A Baltimore, Maryland site named EFynch it stepping up to offer the info you need.

Through their competitive bidding system which protects the homeowners privacy and a community forum (http://www.fynchnest.com)- Maryland and Washington D.C. contractors and homeowners are finally getting an efficient and empowering resource to tackle any job.

Maintaining your home properly is important because regular maintenance items can often be forgotten and then lead to larger problems. Hiring the right contractor or handymen is often daunting and how do you know you are getting the right guy for the right price.

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The key to this is to look to the Market. Find out who your neighbors have worked with before and then make sure you are getting the best price (just because “Jim the Plumber” gave one neighbor a good price 6 months ago doesn’t mean you can get it today it Jim is now swamped with work”).

In order to have confidence in both the right service and the right price- you need a tool to gauge competition in real time, plus provide the resource to make sure the work you have performed it the best to have at that particular time.

“A regular home improvement schedule is important in keeping your house running smoothly. Having a clear and concise schedule that you follow is the key. When I was younger I remember a landscaping calendar my father had hanging in the garage. The calendar was literally designed for a house in Maryland and went through week by week on what you should be doing for your lawn and landscaping. We are creating a similar calendar for your home, something that can be accessed and referred to year after year- keeping consistency”. The calendar is being built but the site is doing something unique in that they are crowdsourcing additions from their members (who can eventually rank jobs to highlight it’s importance or have removed from the calendar completely).

For EFynch, the experienced Co-Founder Teris Pantazes (who has over 20+ years of real estate maintenance experience) states that even the best owners can neglect a simple task. In the fall, the site published a story on the importance of gutter cleaning and how it can actually effect indoor air quality. “Topics like this are important because our homes are literally unique eco-system which we invest and live within. Forgetting to change an air filter or having proper home maintenance followed can have seemingly unrelated impacts. says Teris. “EFynch aims to establish a guidebook for this first and foremost”. The company’s main goal is to serve as the authority platform where homeowners can interact with contractors, obtain competitive bids, share and gain insight on from their user forum, as well as provide members group purchase deals for seasonal work such as leaf racking, landscaping, snow removal, asphalt work, etc.

EFynch operated from Baltimore, Maryland with a satellite office outside Washington D.C.