Air Conditioning System Origins

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Can you imagine a summer season inside the office without an air conditioner? Even a summer day at home without a cooling unit to eliminate extreme heat from inside the room?

For a coastal nation like Singapore, where people struggle to keep cool despite the daily hot and humid weather in all months of they year, an air conditioner is an appliance we cannot afford to lose. It’s a work of technology that we simply cannot live without.

But have you ever wondered what it was like in the earlier years when cooling units were not in existence yet? Have you ever imagined how summer days were when people are left only with hand fans to cool them down? If you’re curious about it, then let’s find out more about the evolution of the air conditioning unit that we all love.

A little trivia

It was in Rome when the richest people started to think of ways to manipulate home temperature. Even way back then when global warming was still unheard of, early Romans were already finding ways to live more comfortably.

Some of them started taking advantage of aqueduct systems during the ancient times by circulating cool water around their house through their house walls. There was even a national leader who would import ice from the mountains and deliver these to his house so he can form an ice mountain in his garden. This would keep him cool during the hottest months. Surprised? Then again, what do you expect from people who have not seen or heard of the air conditioning units we have now?

(Photo from Softpedia)

Early 20th Century

It was only in the early years of 20th century, 1902 to be exact, when air conditioners started to come to life. Ever wondered how the brand Carrier started? Willis Carrier was the young engineer who created the first ever modern air conditioner. At 25 years old, Carrier came up with this cooling unit that uses coils in order to send cool air inside the place where it was located.

The funny thing is that Carrier did not invent the air conditioner to cool down residential properties. In fact, it was originally designed for the benefit of the printing plant where he worked. He wanted to solve the highly humid environment inside the plant, thus, he invented the first ever air conditioner. However, the size was too big that it didn’t make it to ordinary homes. (Photo from Wired)

Smaller A/Cs

It was ten years later when another cooling equipment in the form of a centrifugal chiller was invented. Since it has a condenser unit, the cooling appliance was reduced in size. People started to pick up the idea of having this in their own house so in 1930s, A/C units became available for the masses. However, it was only in 2007 when air conditioners reached almost 90% of sales in the US. Fast forward to today, you can hardly see a home without this cooling appliance.

Now that we have the comfort and the convenience of having advanced air conditioning units, we should take care of them by hiring aircon company Singapore contractors who know how to maintain and fix this cooling appliance appropriately.