A Guide to Buying the Right Sofa

If you are thinking of buying a sofa, you would certainly not want to get just any sofa, but one that is great and would fit your living room quite nicely. It can get confusing though what with sofas coming in all shapes and sizes and colours these days. Since the devil is in the details, below is a check-list of what you must do when you go shopping for one.

Think of your own personal style first. Know what you think is going to be the right match for your home. Scale and size are very important things to consider before you hit the stores. Also, you should make it a point to measure the area where you want to place it so you are sure that you get a piece which dimensions will really fit. Aside from choosing the right colour, you will find that fabric and texture, as well as the pattern can make a whole lot of difference too.

Check the frame of the sofa you are interested in. It should not creak and it definitely should not wobble. You want it to be sturdy. It should also be able to sit squarely when positioned on the floor. Creaky and wobbly frames are often signs of joints that are less sturdy. If you want a sofa that is going to last you longer, go for the solid, sturdy ones.

Every frame and every corner needs to be properly padded. Firmly run your hand over them to see. A good indication that it is well padded is when the frame is not sticking out through its upholstery. This means that the fabric that covers the frame will be subjected to less friction.

Get the piece checked from behind too. Make sure that its centre is not hollow by patting it. If it is a sofa bed or a reclining sofa that you are getting, ensure that all of its mechanisms are properly working. Motion or reclining furniture pieces are generally sold at a much higher price. This is why you have to get each of its features properly checked for functionality before you leave the store.

Cushions on the seat should be resilient and firm. It should be fitted snugly within the frame. Observe the cushions after you press down on them and let go. Good quality ones should be able to regain their shape. The seats should be comfortable too and make sure that the arms will not move or jiggle.

After you are done examining the sofa, it is time for you to test drive it. Recline, lounge, and lie down on it. Determine if all these positions give you comfort and make you feel good. More than how it looks, it is actually how it feels that will really matter most. So, make sure that it truly does.

Finding the right sofa need not be an overwhelming task when you know what to look for. Get the ideal sofa for your home by checking out Oak Furniture Superstore reviews online now.