4 Reasons to Buy Expensive Paint 

High-end paints ($20 per gallon and up) have their benefits. Here are some reasons you might want to pay a little more.

Better for High-Traffic Areas

If higher-end paint isn’t in your budget for the entire project, try to use it in places with the highest traffic, such as hallway walls, staircase walls or bathroom walls. To figure out which of the walls in your home are in the highest traffic areas, look at the walls where you see the most wear. Are there handprints or footprints on this part of the wall? Are there small scratches from pets? This is important information because you are probably used to scrubbing or patching this wall. Scrubbing wall with cheap paints can ruin the paint job you’ve worked so hard for (or paid so much for). In high traffic areas, use high-end paints that have a higher scrub life, and are more durable against flaking, scratches, and unwanted prints. You can use the same thought-process for high-traffic walls on the exterior of your home.

Money Saver

Expensive paints are perfect for large paint jobs. With high-end paints, you’ll need fewer coats for a full-bodied, professional paint job. Therefore, you’ll be saving money in that you’ll need fewer units of paint to finish the job. Also, because higher-end paints are more pigmented, they last longer. You won’t have to go back in to re-do the paint as often as you would with cheaper paints. This can save you time and money in the long run. Higher pigments are an added benefit if you are using the paint on the exterior of your home. The exterior of your home is exposed to more wear, so any bit you can do to make your painting efforts last would be for your benefit.

Offers Protection

Some high-end paints have added benefits, like mold protection. Mold protection is necessary if the object or wall you are painting is outside and susceptible to moisture. You can also expect high-end paint to be less prone to chipping and flaking. This will keep your paint job looking fresher for longer.

If you are painting walls, the higher end paints have a protective coat so that when you wash your walls with soap and water, the paint does not come off. Cheap paints can be washed off with soap and water, and do not necessarily have protective ingredients to protect against sun and moisture.

Special Certifications

Some high-end paints are certified as eco-friendly or allergen-friendly. These types of paints are safer for people how to have sensitivities to VOCs. VOCs are substances that are released into the air as paint dries. Cheaper paints tend to have more VOCs than higher-end paints.

Invest in your paint and you’ll reap the benefits. Your projects will look better, and the colors will be more vibrant and durable.